Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle (Review)

Have you ever been somewhere that did not allow glass but thought a glass of wine would be perfect for the occasion? If so, the Vino Mio foldable wine bottles are the perfect solution for you. These bottles are made of foldable plastic, allowing you to carry wine where glass is prohibited as well as making transport a breeze.


Features of the Vino Mio Foldable Wine Bottle include: 

– Being leak-proof
– Holds a full bottle of wine (750mL)
– 2 bottles per package
– Easy pour spout
– Affordable

Vino Mio is also:

– Foldable
– Rollable
– Reusable
– Flexible
– BPA Free

Bring Vino Mio to any event where alcohol will be served. Pour your favorite drink into the wine bottle with a twist and take it with you to:
– Concerts & festivals
– Backyard barbecue
– Beach outings
– Picnics
– A day on the boat
– Tailgating
Say goodbye to heavyweight glass bottles that weigh you down!


The set comes with 2 bottles – one each for red and white wines. Filling the bottles can be time consuming since it is a process in order to fit the entire bottle into the Vino Mio. The Vino Mio bottle is filled in stages, with periodic stops in order to massage out the air bubbles that come with pouring a wine.  Once filled, the bottles are lightweight and portable, perfect for transport.

And by perfect for transport, they really are easy to carry. These bottles easily fit into a tote bag filled with other outing necessities and held up well during the transport test.

Another plus to these bottles is the lack of corkscrew needed. The screw cap is easy to twist and makes accessing the wine much easier – almost like an adult juice box. Also, there is the advantage of not having to worry about finishing off the open bottle or re-corking the unfinished bottle.

When not in use these bottles fold flat for easy storage. And with the reusable aspect of these bottles being able to fold flat and slide into a pocket or bag is a huge plus.

The only issue I really found during my testing of the Vino Mio folding wine bottles is – how do you really clean the inside of the bottle? The spout isn’t large enough to put a bottle cleaner through so I’m assuming cleaning is done by simply rinsing the bottles. The other issue I had was with the packaging and marketing of the bottle itself – namely one of the suggested uses. The sheet that came with the bottles stated it is good for road trips, however I do not think the highway patrol would approve of it.

Overall, The Vino Mio foldable wine bottles are a great product. They are easy to use once you get the hang of filling, and great for when one does not or can not have glass bottles.

The Vino Mio foldable wine bottle can be purchased on Amazon.


I received this product free of charge for my honest review. See the disclosures page for full disclosure details.

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